Simple Patterns


dress from Myer, shoes from zara, bag from fossil

I am a fan of keeping my outfits rather minimal looking, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear patterns. I am a massive lover of stripes! they are and probably always will be my go to pattern. I often find pairing two contrasting patterns such as stripes and leopard, makes each individual pattern stand out better. Although be warned a hint of leopard is all you ever need!

Nautical Feels

imageshoes and shorts from country road 

Spot who hit up the Boxing Day sale at country road!!

White slip-ons and stripes is hard to get wrong, although I do recommend not wearing any sailor-ish  tops unless you want to look like you’re joining the navy.

These striped shorts go perfectly with the many plain white, grey and black tops I have in my wardrobe. Pair them sandals for a cute summer look or sneakers for a super relaxed look.

I also apply my “only buy something that goes with three outfits in your wardrobe” to shoes as well. People often think white sneaker shoes are hard to style, I personally think they bring a cool urban look to any outfit. I can’t wait to pair them  with simple dresses, denim or chambray shorts, then as the weather cools down my blue and black jeans. For an urban nighttime look I think they look really good with a pair of leather pants.

* For similar white slip-ons I’d recommend checking out vans